"Miracle on 14th Street"
"Miracle on 14th Street"

"Miracle on 14th Street", or just "Miracle" for short is our largest Outreach event of the year. It takes place on the Saturday before Christmas (Sat. December 22nd THIS year)

Throughout the day our neighbors in need come through our doors to receive a meal, toys/gifts, coats and groceries. For more information on "Miracle" contact Peggy Hicks at Peggy@fccww.org.

Clothed with Compassion
Clothed with Compassion

Clothed with Compassion is our largest On-Going Outreach Project. CWC has purchases $13,000.00 in new clothing and shoes during since August 13th 2018 - providing new clothes for 110 individuals in NW Arkansas.

Since CWC began in 2011 we have donated $153,000.00 in New Clothing & Shoes for individuals in need in NW Arkansas.

Sponsorship of students is available regularly - check out our Facebook page to participate
or contact Peggy for more information.



Chain Reaction Ministries
Chain Reaction Ministries

Our ongoing Bicycle Re-cycling outreach project works to address the social justice issue of transportation, by provided individuals in need with a bicycle. 

We partner with:

The Salvation Army Emergency Shelter


Souls Harbor

Typically we work at out "Bike Shop" at WaterWay one Saturday a month. Contact Peggy for details peggy@fccww.org